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Meeting with the Boss


David from his childhood has been in contact with the good products of the farm that his

grandfather, nonno Pippo cultivated in Catania in Sicily since 1950.

David spent all his weekends, helping him to work the land and pick the seasonal fruits and vegetables that this land at the foot of the Etna volcano bathed in sunshine and rich in spring water, generously gave him.

It was his grandfather who transmitted to him the love for all that nature could offer him; he always kept telling little David "Be honest with nature and she will respect you".

Over time David developed his passion for the taste of healthy earth products, without fertilizers or chemical treatment.

Today in his caterer "Campisi Gastronomie", helped by his formidable team, he continues to offer traditional recipes with authentic tastes to his loyal customers.


And it is with pleasure that David and his team offer you in his gourmet shop or at home, the flavors of quality local products directly imported from Italy and home cooked.


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